US – Boston Marathon Attacks – Reflections On “Constitutional Rights” and “Freedom Fighting” Are Not Exactly Beside The Point Here – If We Take What Happened Seriously, We’ll Realise That – 19 April 2013

The shootout at MIT last night, it is now confirmed, was Boston Marathon terrorist suspect #1 exercising his constitutional right to go down in a blaze of glory rather than be apprehended by police. I’m sure the Minutemen would have approved of his “resistance to authority”. (*heavy, heavy sarcasm, folks*)

Boston Marathon terrorist suspect #2 is apparently somewhere in Watertown, MA today, from what the reports are now saying, and possibly he is now wearing a bomb…emulating, apparently, some brave freedom fighters from somewhere else in the world. (*again, heavy, heavy sarcasm, folks*)

Residents of Watertown, stay at home and out of harm’s way today, and do your best to let the police do their job. Hopefully this will all be over soon.

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