US – People Who Do Not Learn From History Deserve To Have A Clinton In The White House – 30 May 2013

Oh my gosh, I may faint. A long complaint about how the Democratic Party isn’t liberal enough and doesn’t stand on principle enough…which doesn’t mention the name Obama once and correctly lays the responsibility for this change firmly where it belongs, with the Clintons and Third Way Democrats. ABOUT FREAKING TIME.

The photo caption sums it up pretty well for me: “The 1992 election of Bill Clinton and Al Gore ushered in a electorally successful but ultimately unfulfilling era for the Democratic Party.” Ya think? I think that’s so obvious it hardly needs to be printed, and yet seeing it written out like that makes me grateful – someone else gets it! This is what I’m reduced to now. I may start crying if someone writes “Rain is wet” as a picture caption, this is how little I am now used to obvious truths being taken seriously by others.

It stuns me that people are seriously pushing Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 as if this eight-year wasteland was never a part of the Democratic Party’s history. If the Democrats are foolish enough to actually nominate her, I will certainly encourage people to be shopping around for this new party.

There is every difference in the world between a president who has occasional difficulty getting people to budge or the world to change its ways, and one who really wasn’t trying too hard to do any of that. I get the difference. I wish more other people did.

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