US – The Debate Is In Edward Snowden’s Terms, Unfortunately – We Need To Acknowledge That Reality If We Intend To Shift The Debate Back Where It Belongs – 15 June 2013

I’m mostly just going to quote this Dana Milbank article from the Washington Post, which makes so much sense it’s hard for me to outdo it. So here’s the quote:

“Officials who denied the public a responsible debate on surveillance will now have a debate on Snowden’s terms — and there’s no use in bellyaching about it.”

Indeed. We are now having that debate, and we are very much having it on Snowden’s terms. I wish we could be having it in order to determine what the best security policies for a democratic country are, or to discuss what kind of document should be classified and what kind should not be – but Milbank is right, and there’s no use in my bellyaching about it.

Here’s hoping we might still be able to shift the debate back to more reasonable terms.

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