US – The Army Decides To Prove Itself No Threat To Civil Liberties By Restricting The Civil Liberties Of People In The Army – It’s Almost Like Glenn Greenwald Is Paying Them To Be This Stupid – 27 June 2013

If _this_ is the government’s response to the privacy kerfuffle, expect it to intensify, and for Glenn Greenwald to be crowned Czar of All The Americas before long. This is so totally stupid it’s beyond words.

The military is restricting access to The Guardian? Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. If I could say “stupid” a hundred more times without tiring my fingers out, I would do that here. There is no more sure way to make the firebaggers look as if they are completely right (which they aren’t, by the way) than for the military to behave in this ridiculous, juvenile way.

First of all, do people really think that the rest of us, who do have access to The Guardian, won’t relay any Ponderously Important State Secrets (acronym intentional) that we might read about, should The Guardian actually dare to publish them, to people in the military? Unless the military wants to impound everyone else’s computers, that’s obviously not going to happen.

Also, isn’t it the military that’s supposed to have a clue about secrets, rather than the rest of us? All those admonitions from World War II about “loose lips sinking ships” weren’t about armed forces personnel avoiding talking to the public because _the public_ might know too much and might accidently tell what they know _to the soldiers_! A rule saying military people can’t divulge secrets _they know_ about makes sense. A rule saying military people can’t learn secrets _they don’t know_ about is, quite frankly, the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. And I come from the land of Fox News, so that’s saying something.

What the ever-living-fudgity-fudge-fudge does the military think it’s doing policing what its members can read from the international press? It’s almost like they want the firebaggers to sock it to them from now until the end of the millennium.

This is _exactly_ how I feared the Obama White House would respond to this very real threat. Instead of releasing documents to prove the absence of Empire, Obama has released characters worthy of a Stanley Kubrick movie to confirm that stereotype in everyone’s mind.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!

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