US – “Everybody Does It”? No, Mr. President, Everyone Does Not – 1 July 2013

Highly unimpressive answer by President Obama.

Countries in the European Union bug the US government? Is that an accusation? Let’s see some proof.

Everyone does _not_ spy on their _allies_. If this is really happening it needs to stop.The fact that the first words out of Obama’s mouth are neither a denial that this is occurring nor an apology for it occurring should distress all Americans.

Sadly, this is an indication that the much feared firebag victory is now proceeding apace. “Yes I Can” is now, disgustingly, going to be reduced to “Yes I Scan”, and anyone who has a problem with the Fourth Amendment fundamentalism of the firebaggers is going to have to constantly be on the defensive instead, because the President just did something that is tantamount to an admission the NSA really _is_ out of control. How can I defend limited intrusions into personal privacy that no one is going to _believe_ are limited with the NSA this unchained? It’s at the point where no one is going to be able to defend you, Mr. President. That is how bad this is.

Those who voted for Obama because they want reform will have to accept being hobbled by the libertarians for the remainder of his administration. This hardly converts me to firebaggery, but it does make me now take some steps not to be identified with Obama’s missteps.

Mr. President, please come clean and salvage what is left of the reform agenda which justified my supporting you. As it stands, I am hard pressed not to tell people to go ahead and primary you.

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