US – Germany – Eighteen Percent Of Germans Don’t Trust Obama – Stop The Presses – 30 June 2013

Hmm…82% of Germans said, when Obama visited, that they approved of Obama – this is according to a Reuters article from the time of the visit (see for verification).

Sounds like 82% of Germans _did_ trust Obama, at least as of a couple weeks back. But hey, don’t let me stop the media juggernaut to interpret this as rising distrust of The Master Of Betrayal.

Maybe the 18%, max, that said “Nobama” when Obama arrived in Berlin two weeks ago really were thinking about the Gestapo and the Stasi – so what were they other 82% thinking? Do you suppose they might have been thinking that comparing the NSA to the Gestapo or the Stasi was ludicrous, given how those organisations were worse by thousandfold magnitudes? Maybe? Possibly?

Even the latest Snowden allegations – about possible spying on EU diplomats – even if true would be parlour tricks compared to the Gestapo and Stasi repertoire. I think it’s clear most Germans get that.

Maybe the New York Times might learn something if they interviewed someone from the overwhelming majority of the German population. Just sayin’.

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