US – Obama Damage Control – There’s Been Some? – 30 June 2013

Damage control? Has there been some?

The Army is forbidden to read The Guardian on their PCs? That’s damage control?

There are no news stories circulating that read “recently released FISA court rulings disprove claims of government spying with no oversight”, and that’s damage control?

It’s so much _not_ damage control that a former Bush aide actually almost sounds like the voice of reason saying this: “It’s not just that they’re not effectively defending themselves, [i]t’s that they’re doing more damage by the way they’re defending themselves. They’re pandering to the civil libertarian left, and they’re afraid of the libertarian right. So their damage control has done almost as much damage as the leak itself.”

This may be a lot of things, but it is _not_ damage control.

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