US – Racial Politics – The Trayvon Martin Case Verdict Could Have Been For Manslaughter – That The Jury Rejected That As Well Is Unforgivable – 13 July 2013

The judge in the Zimmerman case specifically told the jury that it _could_ have convicted Zimmerman of manslaughter rather than murder. The fact that they instead exonerated him of all charges is what makes this verdict especially unforgivable.

I said myself I did not think Zimmerman was guilty of murder by Florida’s definition, because that involved specifically going out with intent to kill, and I didn’t think that was the case. However, he was told by the police not to pursue and to let the police handle the matter, and he didn’t do that – he went out of his way to pursue Martin and he gunned him down because he expressly disregarded that instruction. He was guilty of manslaughter and should have been convicted.

That Florida is letting the bastard go confirms the worst fears of millions of Americans, and validates the worst prejudices of millions of other Americans. This offensive verdict should not be allowed to pass unremarked.

Say it as simply as this: “In _your_ America, perhaps, it’s okay for a self-appointed community watch guy to ignore police advice and take it upon himself to pursue and gun down a kid. In _my_ America it isn’t, regardless of what some jury in Florida thinks.”

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