Zimbabwe – Australia – Only Plucky Little Australia Dares To Challenge The Phony Zimbabwean Election – Good For Them, And We Should Have All Followed Their Lead – 4 August 2013


“Oh my gosh, did my party, which has ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 30 years, really just win two-thirds of the seats in the legislative elections, enough to unilaterally change this new constitution that, oddly enough, happens to impose term limits on the President?”

If Robert Mugabe said something like out loud, it would hardly be surprising. His cynicism has been utterly breathtaking so far. The idea that anyone could possibly be taking him seriously with this fatuous nonsense! The “observers” approved for this election seem to have no problem with the fact that the voters roll, which Zimbabwean law formally allows to be inspected by the various contesting parties in the election, was missing until after the election. We can take their assurances the fix wasn’t in with a grain of salt. The fix was _obviously_ in.

Of course, no one in the West is supposed to say boo about this, because we’re all imperialists and there have been hanging chads in some states, right?

Well, no one told plucky little Australia.

“Given our doubts about the results, Australia calls for a re-run of the elections based on a verified and agreed voters roll,” says the foreign minister for the current Australian Labor Party government. Though other Western governments were certainly on record saying they had “doubts” that the Zimbabwean vote represented the authentic will of its people, only Australia had the guts to say it thought the election should be reheld, this time more transparently.

But why should we accept this, right? I mean, all the world groans at the prospect of being swallowed up in the Great Australian Empire. Certainly we’re not going to stand by as Zimbabwe becomes one of its first conquests, right?

And who do these Australians think they are, lecturing people on democracy…they think they’re so cool because they have proportional representation and a consensus-based governmental system…and it’s not like they don’t have massive unemployment, with that 5 percent it’s been holding steady at for the past seven years. So how can they say they have a political system that works for the people there, right?

Yeah, right.

The real irony in these remarks is that they were made by a minister in a government that will probably be defeated in the upcoming Australian elections, which will be held in September. That government, if it is defeated, will bow to the democratic tradition of standing down because the voters have spoken. In precisely that way, it differs from the government of Robert Mugabe.

I suppose some fevered firebaggers can now start cooking up explanations of how Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wants to become Czar of All The Africas…but let’s be sensible, folks.

That “election” was no election. No amount of papering things over with “anti-imperialism” handbills will change that.

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