Canada – Cuba – Allegedly The US – Ted Cruz Seemingly Running For President Despite Being An Alien – No, The Kind From Space, What Kind Did You Think I Meant? – Seriously, Though, After All The Hounding Of Obama, It’s Nothing But Jokes From Me About This – 20 August 2013

Ted Cruz, eh?

Of course, if elected, he’d only be the second Canadian-born president, you know, after Chester A. Arthur. (Look it up, hosers.)

Anyway, putting aside whether a guy with such _American_ policies (and in Canada, we typically┬ádon’t mean that in a good way) should be elected the American president…I have to say that, you know, putting a son of the Maple Leaf in the White House totally could be the first step in the reintegration of the North American continent under peace, order and good government – America could be the eleventh province! Beauty!

Of course, it’s not only Canada that has its oar in the water. Ted Cruz’s father is from Cuba. So we could make that all one country, just like Rick Mercer said – CANUBA! Say it with me.

Despite his intentions, you know Ted Cruz, with that background, is going to bring socialised medicine to the US…either the good kind that Canada (even Alberta!) has, or the less impressive kind they have in Cuba. Maybe Cruz can get some of his relatives to bring cholera to the US, just so he feels more at home.

By the way – any anti-Obama “birthers” out there who take issue with my jokes? Tough. There is no way in hell you’re getting anything else from me about this now… ­čśŤ

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