Russia – UK – Sure, Rag On The British For Detaining Greenwald’s Boyfriend – In Russia, Both Greenwald And His Boyfriend Would Be In Jail – 19 August 2013

Someone mentioned, in one of the Facebook discussion forums I peruse from time to time, that “Russia will not like that [Edward] Snowden confided in a gay man [Glenn Greenwald].”

At first I laughed at the comment. Then I thought about it a bit more. Frankly, isn’t it the best argument against those who are so publicly (and doubtfully) committed to “civil liberties” there could possibly be?

Russia would arrest and imprison Glenn Greenwald for kissing his boyfriend. That kind of makes nine hours of being detained in an airport seem like nothing at all, doesn’t it?

Spare me the hypocrisy, folks. At long last, spare me the hypocrisy.

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