US – Bradley Manning Decision Not Only Unjust, But Also Self-Destructive, Both Politically And In Terms Of The American National Interest – 21 August 2013

That sound you just heard was the Republican victory celebration in 2016. Thirty-five years? For leaking things as exciting as the NSA’s lunch menu? What the hell is wrong with America?

Why stop there, judges? Why not just crown Glenn Greenwald the new Emperor? Everything he says will now be accepted as true, even if he gets it off the back of a Bazooka Joe gum wrapper. Every article from “Conspiracy Theorists Monthly” will be considered the unvarnished truth, and every authoritative, expert opinion in Washington will now be treated by default as What The Empire Would Like Us To Believe.

Idiots! (I’m sorry, I really should try to be civil. Idiots don’t deserve this unfair comparison to American judges.)

This may very well be an indication that America is too stupid to continue to survive. With this decision, the American government is handing its enemies sticks to hit it with…and they will, again and again.

I really thought some sanity was going to come from the judicial system…I guess I bet on the wrong horse. America may not be the land of sanity any longer. My naive faith in it was misplaced.

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