Russia – US – Putin’s Op-Ed For The New York Times Leaves Just A Few Things Out – 12 September 2013

Okay, a couple quick observations about this article, to which I assume emo-lefties and isolationist-righties are already swooning in response.

Putin says he doesn’t want countries to bypass the Security Council, because this will undercut┬áthe effectiveness of the United Nations. Wouldn’t it be more useful not use one’s country’s Security Council vote to prop up Syria’s dictator while he plunges the country into a gargantuan humanitarian crisis? Maybe that would help the UN out. Just sayin’.

Putin says he is sticking up for “enabling Syrians to develop a compromise plan for their own future”. What does he surmise Syria’s current government is willing to compromise with the opposition? Seriously, what does he think Assad will concede to the Syrian opposition? The world will believe it when it sees it.

As for the comment about it being dangerous for Americans to see themselves as exceptional, I suppose I would be proving myself dangerous by taking exception to it. We should all try to be as much like each other as we can, I guess. If people in this world don’t want to have each other’s backs – particularly those who are suffering a genocide – I would think that those who have the _exceptional_ view that this should change would properly be ranked above those who have the _normal_ view that those people, who after all are not us, should fend for themselves.

I’ll just leave the strange idea that a guy who fixes elections in his own country is going to preach to us about lawful behaviour alone – I’m sure you’ll all get around to considering that at some point…

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