UK – British Protesters Set The Bar Low For Their Syria Protests – “Hands Off” Assad? – That’s What You’re Going With? – 29 August 2013

Here’s what makes me feel the dirtiest about taking a position opposing current military planning for a war in Syria. Look at the signs these British protesters are holding in the picture accompanying this article.

“Hands off Syria”, the signs read.

Hands off? Seriously? That’s your slogan?

100,000 already dead in Assad’s festival of butchery, and that’s your slogan? How blind would you have to be to not get how callous that is?

I wonder how you all would have felt if people in the 1940s had started a “Hands off Germany” campaign?

Opposing a war in Syria doesn’t give people a licence to ignore the actions of Assad’s savage regime. Please, if you want to have any kind of positive impact, don’t repeat this offensive and insensitive slogan.

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