US – Syria – Christiane Amanpour’s Call To Stop The False Moral Equivalencies Long Overdue – 15 September 2013

Frankly, good for her.

What really gets me about this exchange is Andrew Sullivan saying “this is not reason, this is emotion”. Right. I’ll have to remember that every time someone hits me with that argument about how “war is war and killing is killing no matter who does it”. That’s a 100% emo argument, one which does not take into account the difference between aggression and resistance to aggression, and a perfect example of the kind of false equivalency Amanpour was talking about. When that argument comes up again, remind me not to respond to it as if it were a rational argument – as it is not – but to merely say “this is not reason, this is emotion”…since apparently that is an acceptable response now.

That goes for the bit about Charles Blow saying Amanpour was promoting a false choice between not caring about dead kids and not wanting to bomb Syria. The next time someone wants to tell me that bombing Syria is all about not caring about dead kids while failing to bomb Syria means kiddies everywhere can live long healthy lives, I’ll note the similarity of that kind of binary thinking with the kind Blow was criticising.

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