US – While Some Of You Wring Your Hands About Democracy In America, Others Of You Are Making It Happen – 7 September 2013

16 states have called for a US constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision that allows corporations to dump gobs of money into election campaigns. There will be 17 if Arkansas joins them.

You need three-fourths of the states to make it happen, folks. That’s 38 states. So even with Arkansas, that’s 21 states to go…but even still, this is closing in on half the necessary states.

So seriously think about this, folks – would you rather just stand around and watch American democracy fail, or would you like to be part of an important, grassroots victory? If your state isn’t already on side to repeal the noxious Citizens United decision, what can _you_ do to change that?

Democracy. Just do it.

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