Italy – Lampedusa – Here’s What The Cost In Human Lives Of Anti-Immigration Rhetoric Looks Like – 6 October 2013

I was reading through some French (as in from France, not French Canada) news stories the other day when I stumbled across a reference to the death count at Lampedusa. I had no idea where that was (it’s in Italy) or what was being talked about – despite the fact that I read the news pretty closely. Possibly the rest of you haven’t heard about this either. 82 people died carrying those seeking freedom from their respective countries and a new life in Europe.

Though this one was an especially large wreck, these kinds of wrecks are not uncommon, and they are a symbol of what is wrong with this world geopolitically. To demonstrate, allow me to point out the following:

European faux populists will now be falling all over themselves trying to blame these deaths on the would-be migrants, who presumably should know they are not welcome in Europe.

The governments of the countries from which these migrants came (mostly Eritrea, Somalia and Ghana, from the reports) will be falling all over themselves trying to prove that things are beautiful in their countries and no one would want to leave such lands of milk and honey.

Who, in our international system, is going to speak for what the dead wanted?

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