Italy – US – Use Your Noodles, Don’t Buy Your Noodles From Bigots – 26 September 2013

1. Idiot pasta company chairman tells gays not to buy his pasta.

2. A pasta plant in Ames, Iowa (where I grew up) is owned by the company run by this idiot chairman.

3. Idiot pasta company chairman is seemingly _trying_ to put his own company out of business, by openly alienating gay or gay-friendly consumers, may succeed where the pasta plant in Ames, Iowa is concerned.

4. People will nevertheless say that all he was doing is pointing out people have a choice which kind of pasta they will buy, rather than openly giving the finger to prospective consumers of his company’s product. These same people will probably also claim they are buying that pasta because they care about people who work at the Ames plant.

Focus on the first three points. Blow past the phony fourth point. Please.

Don’t buy that ludicrous argument, and don’t buy Barilla pasta. Ames would be better off having the plant go out of business and then get bought up by a competing pasta company. There’s more than one noodle company out there, folks. Choose one that reflects your values better.

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