US – No, It’s Not About Accounting – This Is An Existential Battle – 5 October 2013

“The coming battles over budgets, the debt ceiling, a government shutdown and Obamacare are not elements of a large political game. They involve a fundamental showdown over the role of government in stemming rising inequality and making ourcountry a fairer and more decent place.”

Damn right that’s what it is, and every right-winger knows it. They can’t afford to lose this battle, because if it turns out that Obama’s government passing health care reforms makes the country visibly better off, it will embarrass the hell out of the anti-government crowd.

That’s why the term “kamikaze caucus” so aptly describes the radical right-wing members of the Republican Party – they are going to have to crash and burn everything in order to even have a remote chance of victory.

The Republican Party still has a chance to avoid being associated with these losers. But time is running out.

(I can only hope that Obama has a similar plan for embarrassing the anti-government _left-wing_ ideologues, but that’s for another time.)

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