US – Obama Gets Perpetually Blamed For Presiding Over A Previously Misbehaving US Government, The Pope Mildly Budges From Millennia Of Bad Church Ideas, Is Proclaimed Greatest Pope Ever – 20 September 2013

I love how Barack Obama can preside over a country that wants access to where cell phones are located, just like the phone company already has, because the information has proven useful in the past to fight terrorism…and he gets called all kinds of names and labeled as a threat to all we hold dear…

But then the Pope doesn’t change even a smidgin about how the Catholic Church regards priestly celibacy, the ordination of women, abortion, contraception and homosexuality, or anything else its critics want changed…and he’s presumptively the greatest Pope ever.

It really shows you where people’s minds are. A democracy’s leaders are always insufficient somehow. Hierarchical institutions ruled by one leader considered infallible? They’re always AOK. Funny, isn’t it?

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