US – David Frum Is Willing To Show The Tea Party The Door – What’s Holding Back Other Republicans? – 16 October 2013

This is actually worth a read – David Frum, the Canadian expat who served George W. Bush loyally and actually penned the “Axis of Evil” speech – is now saying it’s time for the Tea Party to cease and desist.

Wow. How crazy does the Tea Party have to be to lose the guy who wrote that speech?

Of course, I’m doing David Frum a mild disservice by saying that, as he has shown signs of being less than an extremist on other issues…but either way, keep an eye on what’s going on in the Republican Party when the Tea Party is pissing of George W. Bush loyalists.

Here’s what Frum is thinking, and you have to know a lot of other Republicans are secretly thinking it as well: “Right now, tea party extremism contaminates the whole Republican brand. It’s a very interesting question whether a tea party bolt from the GOP might not just liberate the party to slide back to the political center — and liberate Republicans from identification with the Sarah Palins and the Ted Cruzes who have done so much harm to their hopes over the past three election cycles. It’s worth repeating over and over again. Add Todd Akin in Missouri and Richard Mourdock in Indiana, Sharron Angle in Nevada and Ken Buck in Colorado, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Joe Miller in Alaska — and you have half a dozen Senate races lost to the GOP by extremist nominations. Maybe the right answer to the threat, “Shut down the government or we quit” is: ‘So sad you feel that way. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.'”

If only someone could convince John Boehner this was true.

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