US – Er, Who Caved To Whom? – 17 October 2013

This is going out with hugs to all my friends on the extreme Left – just a little something to remind yourselves about the next time you say “Obama caves all the time”. Oh yeah? Did Obama change his name to John Boehner?

Obama stood tall and did everyone proud. Delighted – absolutely delighted – at the outcome. And here’s something to consider…maybe it was Obama’s willingness in the past to try to negotiate with Republicans, even when doing so made the Democrats look like chumps, that made _this_ possible. Obama could genuinely say to people, in effect, “Look, you know me – I care about bipartisanship and working together – how could I have put up with Republican antics like this for so long if I didn’t believe in my heart of hearts in bipartisanship and working together – so you’ll appreciate that, after five years of trying, enough is enough! This time we have to see good faith on their side.”

If, instead, Obama had given the Republicans five years of the middle finger extended, would people have trusted his judgment now in the face of hard-right Republican intransigence? Probably not.

Who delivered this victory for common sense? The only adult in the room, that’s who.

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