US – How Can People Say The Tea Party Is Getting More Powerful But Less Popular Without Aiding And Abetting The Death Of American Democracy – Whatever You Think About The Tea Party’s “Power”, Unpopular Movements Lose Elections – 18 October 2013

Speaking of the Tea Party, here’s an example of just how threatening they are. Look at the headline on this Washington Post blog article…”The Tea Party Is Getting More Powerful. But Less Popular.”

How is that acceptable in a democratic country?

We continue to see examples of not only how massively unpopular the Tea Party across America, is but how unpopular the Republican Party is becoming for putting up with its antics…but the US is now the kind of a country where a political party surrounded with plutocrats openly thumbs its collective nose at the voters and continues on in that direction?

Hopefully Americans won’t accept that this is the kind of country they now live in.

Unfortunately, there are signs that many Americans do accept it. A cancerous cynicism is at work in the country. Instead of confronting a party that treats them this way, Americans blame “government” and shrug their shoulders as electoral democracy withers. Is it any wonder the Tea Party and their Republican Party enablers can be confident of their “screw the voters, full steam ahead” tactics?

This is not to say that the Democratic Party, or some other party, is not responsible to mobilise the vote around decent policy proposals. If the Democrats, or some other party, lose elections, it may indeed well be because they did not raise the right campaign issues to get voters interested enough to cast their ballot for something positive, rather than just keeping the bums out. The Democratic leadership can do a lot to prevent this cancerous cynicism by keeping in touch with what voters want.

But that’s no excuse for the sitting-on-our-duffs brigade that gives such succour to the Tea Party by staying at home and blaming Obama and the government for everything that goes wrong. You don’t think the Democrats are responding well enough to what the electorate wants? Provide an alternative! If your 99% rhetoric has even an inkling of truth to it, if there is a supermajority of the unwashed masses just dying to have brand new leadership, you’ll be able to mount an effective challenge, because 99% of the voters will pretty obviously win elections, first-past-the-post or no, electoral-college or no, hanging-chads or no. On the other hand, if the Democrats are closer to what the voters want than you are, you will lose.

What doesn’t wash is irresponsibly blaming establishment Democrats for not turning water into wine and just standing by with excuses for the Tea Party gaining power without votes. Make the Democrats responsive, or provide your own alternative. But do something! Time grows short.

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