US – Tea Party Is Not Part Of The Republican Party – Say No Leading Republican Politicians, Ever – 18 October 2013

“Is The Tea Party Part Of The GOP? Most Republicans Say No,” reads this Washington Post headline.

Most Republicans are evidently wrong. Ted Cruz and a handful of Tea Party devotees within the Republican Party pretty obviously gave the rest of the congressional Republican Party marching orders, which they followed, during this recent shutdown crisis. I’d say that’s persuasive evidence that the Tea Party _is_ part of the GOP. The rest of the GOP wasn’t offering much in the way of persuasive evidence to the contrary, to be sure.

Okay, so a majority of self-identified Republican _voters_ think the Tea Party is not part of the GOP. That only means something if Republican politicians listen to them. Right now, it is clear, they are not listening. The GOP just took the US on a $24 billion dollar hayride to please this allegedly fictitious far-right wing of the Republican Party known as the Tea Party. Looks like the Tea Party is more “in” the GOP than most would like to admit.

So, no, not impressed with this logic. The Tea Party _is_ part of the GOP. In fact, unless other Republican politicians do _something_ to identify that the party has its own brand, the Tea Party _is_ the GOP.

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