US – Ground Zero – Building Anything At The Site Means Terrorists Lose – But Losing Our Heads About What’s Important Means They Win – 27 October 2013

I agree with Banksy. The terrorists have won. But not because of anything having to do with the One World Trade Center building.

One of the commenters responding to this article on has it exactly right – I am now quoting thisĀ individual at length below:

“Banksy is both entitled to his opinion and free to share it as he sees fits. But his need to provocatively pontificate – his NEED to shit disturb (because why post it to your website proclaiming that the NYT wouldn’t publish it…wouldn’t be enough to JUST share it with your followers?) is just some self aggrandizing bullshit. He could have expressed his disappointment with the architecture / design of the building without purposely taking a piss in (at least some) people’s corn flakes.

Somewhere right now some tea bagger is thinking this is why the arts are evil and should not be funded with public dollars. And while that nut job is wrong, the bottom line is that some artist somewhere will suffer because Banksy wasn’t just happy with just sharing his opinion. Nah…he had to show his art world ‘street creed’ by pulling his dick out.

This is why (some) people hate “liberals”…exactly this sort of arrogance….”

That’s how the terrorists have won. Because of what “liberalism” seems to be becoming.

The fact that there will be _any_ building build at the WTC site is, of course, proof positive that life goes on and that the main goal of the attackers of September 11th has been vanquished. I wouldn’t care if it was the ugliest building in New York, as long as it’s on that site, it’s an extended middle finger to terrorists everywhere.

But the fact that people actually go out of their way to act as if _bad building design_ is proof of a society’s lack of resolve in resisting acts of mass murder? That’s one that goes in the “W” column for terrorists everywhere.

This _is_ why some people hate “liberals”. And yes, some good people are probably going to suffer because some go out of their way to confuse the greater demands of geopolitics with a sideshow debate about architectural aesthetics.

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