US – A Quick Note To Right-Wing Republicans – If You’re Going To Suggest Your Party Opposes Obamacare Because It Also Opposed Slavery, Could You Also Mention That The Republicans Were Supported By Karl Marx? – You Know, In The Interest Of Placing On Record Salient Historical Points? – 17 November 2013

Just noticing that a friend of mine who banished me on Facebook for not agreeing with him more about politics is now suggesting that, because the Republicans supported the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution, the fact that they now oppose Obamacare is somehow consistent with some lovely theme.

Of course, the Republicans of then are a lot different than the Republicans of now. Karl Marx, for example, was pretty enthusiastic about the Republicans of then. He once sent Abraham Lincoln a big squooshy love letter.

Could someone relate this point to my friend? Thanks.

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