US – Obama – Congress – I Didn’t Vote For “Lefter Than Thou” – 30 October 2013

Here we go again. Here’s the “Lefter Than Thou” approach that conveniently lumps Obama in with the radical Right.

Here’s the deal – if Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are really preparing to “fight” the President instead of merely criticising what they perceive to be wrong with his approach, then they are not the decent politicians I usually take them to be. I’m not going to let extremists turn me around with this kind of divisive rhetoric. Obama is NOT the enemy here. And as much as I like Warren and Sanders, they are not going to pass legislation by themselves.

We’ve already seen Obama accept in the short-term the toxic Bush tax cuts, back in 2010, because at the time he didn’t have any other option politically, only to roar back in the 2012 election, make scrapping the Bush tax cuts a focus of that election, win the election, and then scrap the Bush tax cuts. With respect to even these esteemed left-wing Senators, their plan didn’t produce that result. Obama’s did.

You want Obama to stand up for progressive priorities? Get to work bringing him a progressive Congress who can vote those priorities in. Right now, he has to deal with the Congress he has, and if he wants to get some progressive priorities through, he has to figure out where he can give on some others. That’s the reality of it.

Of course, tell that to the “Lefter Than Thou” crowd. Since they can walk on water, they don’t have to worry about concerns that affect the rest of us mortals – like how to get progressive legislation through a right-wing House of Representatives.

And – it has to be said – where were all these defenders of left-wing gospel back when Bill Clinton was President? Where were all the people horrified that Clinton would abolish Glass-Steagall? That’s far worse a crime against the economy than provisionally accepting a chained CPI proposal, in exchange for the Republicans giving on some things they would not otherwise accept. What did Clinton get in terms of progressive legislation passed, in return for savaging Wall Street regulation? Zippo. Zilch. Nada.

People seem to have no problem with a Clinton Administration that gave the radical Right everything it wanted with no strings attached for the better part of eight years, but get their hate on for an Obama Administration that bargains with the Right for things the Left actually wants (like unemployment benefits extensions, for example, which Obama got when he “caved” on the Bush Tax Cuts in 2010).

You want to know how I know Clinton’s getting this kind of favourable treatment from today’s “radicals”? Because those same confused individuals are prepared to elect his wife.

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