US – LAX Shooting – Raving About Threats To Our Liberties And Fiat Currency – Where Have I Heard That Rant Before? – Oh, Yeah…Tucson – 6 November 2013

The killer in the LAX shootings not only thinks routine TSA searches at airports are contrary to his sacred constitutional rights (to get on an airplane with a weapon), but he also apparently has some other interesting theories. One has to do with “fiat currency”. Another has to do with something called the “New World Order”.

Why do these sound familiar? Because another obsessive anti-government shooter, the one that shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the brain in Tucson in 2011, has those same theories.

One time, you could write it off to lunacy. Two times, and maybe you have to think something’s going on here.

Maybe this is what armed “libertarianism” looks like.

And maybe, if we value the lives of people who work for the government, like Gabrielle Giffords, and like the members of the Los Angeles International Airport TSA, we should be more than dismissive about the manifestly political motivations for these shootings.

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