US – Truth-Out – Carrying The Right’s Water For It When They Need It The Most – 31 October 2013

When I see an article like this, the word “backstabbing” comes to mind.

The political Right is willing to shut the entire US government down rather than accept the admittedly mild reforms of Obamacare – and the extreme Left, decides to _help_ them do it…because, you know, Obama!

It’s time to call them out. Anyone who would write an article like this isn’t interested in _more_ social health care. They’re interested in _no_ social health care, because they’re helping the people who want to snuff it out entirely.

Incidentally, I found this article as a feature presented on the Facebook group “We Want Elizabeth Warren”. Senator Warren, is, of course, a vigorous opponent of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, so an article declaring this legislation as the conduit for the “biggest insurance scam in history” fairly obviously misrepresents her position. Like many liberals who live on this planet, rather than some planet where legislation does not have to be shepherded through a hostile Congress, she sees Obamacare as a reform that can be improved upon, rather than an element of some involved conspiracy to benefit insurance companies.

How is it that people can do their best to misrepresent a politician they claim to support, submarine those supporting legislation that will achieve actual gains in health care policy, but when I point it out, you can count on the certainty that I will be represented as the divisive influence?

They’re not the Left – they’re the Right traveling incognito. An article like this could just as easily have been written by Ted Cruz.

I know a lot of you don’t want to rock the boat with some of your friends, and harbour some belief, perhaps, that these are people motivated by some desire to move more quickly towards social justice than the rest of us mortals can. But watch what’s happening around you. Every time the far Right says something about Obamacare, watch as the far Left says “We agree.” Ask yourself “If I didn’t know these people were on the Left politically, could I tell given what they just said?”

Rock that boat. Call them on it.

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