US – Gun Politics – Kennesaw Creates Its Own Crime Wave – 1 May 2014

In addition to these five fast-facts, add a sixth, namely that Kennesaw is that lovely Georgia town where a law is actually on the books _requiring_ its citizens to own a gun for self-defence.

Gun boosters (I’ll be polite and not say “gun nuts”) are always telling us good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns.

Where were the “good guys with guns” in Kennesaw, then? All I saw in this story was a bad guy wearing an ammo belt and rapid-fire slaughtering innocent people.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until Americans listen – either it’s time to well regulate that militia out there, or to finally relegate the Second Amendment mentality to the 18th Century with some serious constitutional reform. Use what’s in the Second Amendment to stop the US from becoming a shooting gallery, or else the only solution left will be to repeal the amendment.

Don’t think so? Think the Founding Fathers understood 21st century reality? How more graphic do the counterexamples have to get before you dismiss _that_ idea? If a town absolutely drunk on its Second Amendment freedoms can’t protect anyone from a rampaging shooter, what positive meaning can even be attributed to the “right to bear arms” principle? Bear arms? Why? It’s not like you do anything good with them.

Indeed, increasingly, it’s obvious that the “right to bear arms” is really the right to be one day shot by them. I’d rather see the Second Amendment struck in its entirety than put up with another starry-eyed libertarian justification for the next mass slaughter.

Sensible gun regulation now, before we have even more horrific examples of wild and unbound 21st century shooters intimidating our self-appointed 18th century-style citizen mercenaries.

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